For Patients exposed to toxic microbes

A new class of antimicrobial complexes

US Patent 9,814,239 awarded

Water soluble anionic biocide (e.g. Omadine)
Effective against bacteria, fungi and virus
Suitable for incorporation into plastics

Process 1

The patented compounds (complexes) combine two conventional active antimicrobial components.
The structures of the complexes formed were characterized by NMR spectrometer. Example of many such complexes.

Why it works

  • The cation and anion biocides are effective against different organisms.
  • For example, the cation biocide PHMB (Vantocil 100) is extremely effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and the anion biocide sodium omadine is extremely effective against fungus.
  • We believe the obtained PHMB.Om has broader and better antimicrobial activities.
  • The non-water soluble physical property will make it the best candidate for an antimicrobial additive of medical polymers.


Who We Are

Mayly Company (Life Science) was established in January 2012
Its mission:
  • Focused on patient outcome
  • Maintaining the environment
Huiwen Liu, a founder:

Has extensive experience as a contractor and consultant for major Pharmaceutical, Life Science, and Research Institutes.