About Our Business

Mayly Life Sciences (Mayly Company) has been a life sciences biotechnology-based business engaged
in development of breakthrough technologies and therapies through innovations. We also have
consulting services for industries in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, dietary supplements, modern TCMs
(Tranditional Chinese Medicines) and high-end cosmeceutical products.

Through continuous research and development work over the years our product pipeline has grown into
the following major areas via novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) platform technologies:

  1. High-end cosmeceuticals through NDDS technologies
  2. New drug products development via NDDS platform in anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer areas
  3. Broad range anti-microbial, anti-virus medical device materials development, and ear
    tube product development
  4. Anti-virus & anti-infectious diseases treatments, such as anti H1N1 virus, face mask
    product development
  5. On-Market cholestrol-reducing products and the 2nd generation product development
  6. Advanced TCMs (Tranditional Chinese Medicines) products development via innovative
    NDDS platform technologies
  7. Sports and high-energy medicines development

It is well known that more than 2/3 of all drug molecules today have limited or very poor aqueous
solubility problems, thus limit its full development potential to drug products for patient use due to
inadequate delivery of drug molecules into the target sites in body.  Our innovative NDDS platform
technologies can easily increase the drug molecules' water solubility tremendously while keeping the
better stability in aqueous solution.  In addition, our animal in-vivo studies demonstrated much better
drug targeting towards cancer cells with NDDS technologies. Therefore it opens up great opportunity for
thousands, if not millions drug molecules (new and old drugs) for new and better usage of re-
development onto market!

Started from the consulting service initially and over the years, many of our clients have benefited from
our consulting services worldwide in pharmaceutical R&D, product manufacturing, API sourcing, DMFs,
custom synthesis, FDA/SFDA regulatory strategies, CMC and quality GMP compliance fields.  Product and
regulatory (GxP) training in US and China has been the integrated part of the consulting service.
Mayly Life Sciences
Mayly Life Sciences was originally founded by Dr. Bob Zhang and Huiwen Liu.  Dr. Zhang has 23 year
experience in pharmaceutical and biotech R & D, product development, manufacturing and
commercialization in US, Canada and China. His accomplishment includes commercialization of
products such as Celebrex, ranitidine, misoprostol, doxazosin, paroxetine, arthrotec, verapamil HCl and
many antibody protein-based new drug programs. He worked with increasing management
responsibility in Hua Bei Zhi Yao (China), Teva and Apotex (Canada), Searle and Pharmacia, Pfizer
, and Millennium Pharma (US). Ms. Liu has over 20 year pharmaceutical and biotech industry
experience specialized in medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, drug analysis, analytical development
and QC & QA. Her industry experience includes Teva Pharmaceuticals and CROs (contract research
organizations) for drug product development. All our senior staff members have in-depth pharma &
biotech industry experience from RD product development to commercial products in all areas.