What's New?

1.  Based on our novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) platform technologies, a number of new product
development are under development ranging from new drugs, high-end cosmetics, advanced TCMs
(tranditional Chinese Medicines), novel dietary supplements, and sports/high-energy medicines.

2.  Advanced medical device product development: With our new product design and broader range
anti-microbial anti-virus polymer materials that we developed, many medical device products including
ear tubes have been in progress;

3.  One of our lead candidates MC08 has strong anti H1N1 virus activity as determined by our
collaborator NIH Laboratories. Due to its specificly high bioactivity against the H1N1 virus and broader
range anti-microbial anti-vira activities, medical device and drug products based on this serial of
candidates will be initiated with collaborators.

4.  CholesterolLess is our new generation product to prevent the absorption of cholesterol and fats
(specifically triglycerides in blood stream) from daily food intakes such as crabs, lobsters, animal
livers, hearts, etc. of the foods.  The CholesterolLess capsules contain natural ingredients and it has
been proven very effective on market in reducing LDL ("bad cholesterol") and fats (triglycerides) by
30% in 30-day period.  The 2nd-generation product is under development for better consumer
compliant and benefits.

Mayly Company has been engineering better products through the innovative NDDS platform
technologies. Our pipeline is filled with 7 type of products under development.  Some of which are near
market.  In addition, the consulting service has helped clients worldwide in pharmaceutical / biotech,
dietary supplement, high-end cosmeceutical and advanced TCMs (Tranditional Chinese Medicines)
industries through hundreds of class room trainings in US and China.  This service continues to grow
due to increasingly demand in the emerging market product expansions and introductions.
What We Do

1. Research, development and commercialization of new biotechnologies and therapies into
practical products quicker  is our goal. With the NDDS platform technologies we have, many new
products have been progressed with much shortened development cycle time to market and with
real benefits to the end patients and customers.

2.  We continue to provide worldwide product development and regulatory consulting & training in
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, API out-sourcing and dietary supplement / TCM fields, as well as
commercialization of the advanced dietary supplements such as CholesterolLess.  Our expertise in
R&D product development, FDA (US) /SFDA (China) regulatory submissions, cGMP compliance and
inspections, API synthesis and generic drug product commercialization will help your business grow
faster and better.  
Welcome to Mayly Life Sciences